DTRO Executive Board Members

Michael Bielak


Vice Chairman

Cliff Surges

Getting involved with DTRO is easy, and takes little time. It allows you to vastly expand your knowledge of government and become part of it. We hope you will join us today.  

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Michael Kilbourne

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Secretary & Communications
Pam Carr

Liberty & Freedom

The DTRO is an amazing place for young people who want to learn and engage with the community around them in new ways, both personally and politically.         

"The DTRO cares about making sure our voices are heard. The women and men in this organization are active contributors in our community, listening closely to the issues and making a difference. It is very important to know that conservative values are backed by strong and passionate messengers of fiscal responsibility, less taxes, leaner government with transparency, ProLife, support free speech, support the constitution and care for equality for everyone, regardless of gender, race, color or creed."